FGD 2 oz. Slick Tak Decal Installation Kit



Our FGD Brand Slick Tak fluid is designed to aid in and increase the speed of decal application on large automotive decals. FGD Brand Slick Tak is NOT for use on interior wall decals. Store at 55 to 85 Fahrenheit when not in use

Decal applications should be preformed at 65 to 85 Fahrenheit. The application fluid is sprayed on the surface, allowing the decal to easily be re-positioned without compromising the decals adhesive. Once the decal is in the correct position, the fluid is squeegeed out helping to removing any air bubbles while bonding the decal to the surface. FGD Brand Slick Tak Fluid will not damage or stain automotive paint.

Our 2oz Bottle will be enough for 3 or more decals at 24″ x 24″

Our fluid is equipped with a fast evaporating formula which makes for faster application. FGD Slick Tak also improves adhesion of decal.

FGD Brand Slick Tak is for use on metal, glass and other smooth non porous surfaces.


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