FGD Brand Truck Rear Window Wrap Black & White Distressed American Flag Perforated Vinyl Decal

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Make Old Glory stand out on your window with our FGD Black & White Distressed American Flag Perforated Vinyl Decal.

FGD perforated one way vision truck rear window decals are printed using Latex print technology. These decals are durable, affordable, and easy to install. The material is designed to make it easy to see out from the inside of your vehicle, but practically opaque from the outside. These perforated rear window truck decals provide a layer of security by blocking visibility to individuals outside of the vehicle. Our perforated one way vision vinyl also helps block out 50% of sunlight that comes in through the rear window.

  • (Universal) Size 20″ Tall 65″ long.
  • Includes illustrated instructions.
  • Cut to size during installation.
  • Will work with both split window and full window trucks.
  • Vinyl will not obstruct view from inside the vehicle.

Note: rain and water on the decal may obstruct your view.

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29 reviews for FGD Brand Truck Rear Window Wrap Black & White Distressed American Flag Perforated Vinyl Decal

  1. Jim Hall

    Unfortunately 1/2 of mine literally wouldn’t stick at all to my window. I’m blaming the bazillion degree weather we had that day though. So definitely get in shade and use two people to install. Great service on the return as well. No questions at all, even though I did explain.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Easy to install, looks great.

  3. Joshua Bolio

    Great product, went on nice and easy and most of all looks great! The perforations in the rear window graphics make them super easy to put on, no worry about bubbles.

  4. John Pacheco

    It was a Christmas gift for me so I dont know what to say about shipping, but the vinyl looks nice. Easy to install and so far looks great.

  5. Professor of Cyber

    best thing ever since ever first began.

  6. Rob Usher

    Looks great shipping was fast. Fit well on 17′ ram 2500

  7. Pen Name

    Great price easy install

  8. Amazon Customer

    Looks great…. Only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is because it was a little had to get it on due to the back sticker cover off in one big piece instead of 2.. Would have made it alot easier to center it and avoid bubbles.. But overall not bad at all…

  9. Mark R.

    Really nice decal. Easy to put on even with a split window that opens. Get a lot of compliments on it

  10. Blake Thomas


  11. Kimara Reuss

    Looked great before I put it on, but any little adjustments I needed to make just ripped the decal. Mine was so thin that even using the squeegee on air bubble ripped it.

  12. patrick

    A little tricky to install but if you take your time and have Patience it’ll add a whole new look to your truck!

  13. Taylor Davis

    I absolutely love this graphic. There is nothing to complain about. You just need a bit of time and patience to put it on. The only thing I can complain about is when it gets wet, water gets held in the openings and it is impossible to see out of. But it has stuck well since I got it and I’m highly impressed!

  14. Marisa barker

    Overall good product. The directions are a little vague but if you want a quality install use some mild soapy water or detailer to allow repositioning and it will turn out much better. I installed mine on a 2105 Ford F 250.

  15. Jordan hamilton

    Ive had this on my truck for months now, i absolutely love it, i get tons of comments on it as well. It laid well, the vinyl isnt the best there is but still good, the printing bled thru so i can see some of the black from the inside of the truck, it looks like streaking. But thats my only issue. Let it get hot in the sun for a few days before you wash the vehicle with a car wash or pressure washer.

  16. Jillian

    Very thick material…not flimsy or cheap. The decal went on very easy with minimal bubbles that were easy to removal with a ruber squeegee.


    Need 2 people to install looks amazing

  18. Amazon Customer

    Looks great easy to put on. Did it by myself but would be easier if you had another set of hands to help out. It is pretty easy to scratch/tear it. Had something brush up against it and left a line. Have tinted windows and you can still see through it. Awesome product.

  19. Raymond Sordelet

    The vinyl is well made and easy to install. Looks awesome and a pretty decent price too.

  20. Brandon

    It came out better than I expected

  21. Gavin bishop

    great! Use two people for better install!

  22. Barryw85mt

    Easy to apply , looks great!

  23. Hoppy

    Ordered came in perfect 3 days earlier than expected.. 100% satisfied🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Lt. Shane Prickett

    Easy install. Looks great in the back window of my camper!

  25. steven

    It was fairly easy to install. It was of good quality and accurately match the description. It took me and one other person to install. It has been installed for 2 months so far and has not released from the window at all. It sits in the sun all day every day that we have sun. Fully exposed to the weather at all times. It has not cracked nor faded. I would like to caution you. With this window wrap as with all others that you can see through. When it rains on the wrap if you do not have a rear wiper you will not be able to see out of it. Which is minor but it is an issue. The only issue I’ve found.


    Great product. Had professionally installed with someone who does tints. No obstruction when looking out.

  27. Pitstop

    I had my local installer put this on for me who also did our window tint the same morning. It cut down to size easily and just barely fits a 2016 RAM 1500 (lengthwise) but it does fit. The height is more than enough. Unfortunately, when they were installing it much of the backing began sticking to the decal and peeling apart. This left a non-sticky surface covered still in the other half of the paper backing over nearly a major chunk of the surface (at least a third of it). It did not begin on the corners or the side that was cut but rather right in the middle on the right side of the window. The back paper just started shredding apart leaving the waxed side coming off easily but the other half of the paper still stuck to the decal. They spent almost an hour trying to slowly pick the paper off but it was going nowhere. Even with tweezers and me trying to help them we barely cleared a few square inches in that hour. The parts we did clear the stuck paper off of now doesn’t stick at all. The sticky part went with the paper. A large section about two times the size of a standard sheet of paper was completely defective. There was no way to find out that this part was defective until you started to install it. Now that it is not sealed in the packaging, they won’t take it back. Quality product if it is cut right and I am sure it looks great. But when you get an oops defect, the seller backs out saying you opened it

  28. NY Watch

    This is great quality. A little hard to install in a ram with the sliding window. I had to place the sticker then cut out the area of the sliding. Take your time installing. one thing to note is that when it rains you can not see out the window with the sticker on it.

  29. Randy Sinning (verified owner)

    Very nice product looks great

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