Wall Decal Sticker New York Skyline 20″ Tall 43″ Wide FGD Brand



Show your love for the Big Apple with our FGD Brand New York Skyline wall decal.

Size: 20″ Tall 43″ Wide

All steps on how to apply and lay out your new wall decal are covered in the instructions included in your order.

FGD Brand vinyl decals can be applied to clean smooth or semi smooth, non-porous surfaces such as:

  •  Painted Drywall
  •  Doors
  •  Mirrors
  •  Tile
  •  Stainless Steel
  •  Glass
  •  Plastic


Any freshly painted surface must have no less than 2 weeks dry time BEFORE a decal is applied.

FGD decals will NOT stick to dirty, rough, chalky, or highly textured surfaces such as:

  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Concrete
  • Raw wood (unpainted or unstained wood)
  • VOC PAINTS (eco wall paint)

FGD Brand wall decals will stick on most wallpapered walls, but may damage wallpaper if it is removed. FGD wall decals are removable without any damage to your wall, however are not reusable once removed. Once the decal is removed it will need to be replaced.

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