FGD PRO GUN Second Amendment Ar 15 Decal 12″x 10″ Gs1 Car Truck SUV Rifle or Gun Case (FGD Brand)



Our FGD Brand Ar 15 Pro Gun Second Amendment decal is a lean, mean, ‘Murica machine. Available in a variety of colors, this decal is made with high quality vinyl that is designed to last.

FGD brand decals can be placed directly on automotive body panels or glass. The vinyl has a 5 year outdoor rating and is oil and solvent resistant. Heavy duty 3.2mil thickness. All FGD brand decals are made in the USA. These high quality decals can be used on cars, trucks, or suvs and  will stick to most smooth and clean surfaces.

Size: 6″x9″

Your order will contain:

  • Your FGD Brand decal/decal set
  • One page of full colored instructions with illustrations to aid in applying your decals


Why choose FGD brand decals:

  • All FGD Brand decals are made with high quality vinyl
  • Vinyl has a five year outdoor rating
  • Resistant to fuel, oils and solvents
  • Heavy duty 3.2 millimeter thickness
  • Removable without any damage to the vehicle
  • Excellent customer service and fast delivery


All FGD brand decals come with the transfer tape pre applied making it ready for easy installation out of the package.

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