FGD 5.56mm Ammo Can Decal Sticker Label Set

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AMMUNITION BOX IS NOT INCLUDED. Please note that these decals work best when used on metal ammo cans, however will work with lightly textured plastic cans as well. All FGD Brand decals are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Your order will contain:

  • Three FGD Brand decals as shown (two 6″ x 1.5″ decals and one 3.5″ x 0.75″ decal)
  • One page of full colored instructions with illustrations to aid in applying your decals

What makes FGD Brand decals worth buying?

  • All FGD Brand decals are made with high quality vinyl
  • Vinyl has a five year outdoor rating
  • Resistant to oils and solvents
  • Heavy duty 3.2 millimeter thickness

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13 reviews for FGD 5.56mm Ammo Can Decal Sticker Label Set

  1. Keith A Ness

    Nicely done Fast Shipping

  2. Navybat

    These are very good quality decals, but hard to install. You have to take care when peeling off the backing. Other than that, they look great and should hold up well.

  3. Sgt G

    Now this is a real sensible idea for marking your ammo cans, no more confusion on what is in what can. Put these on the side of the can and you know what is in each and every can, makes life simple.

  4. Jimmy S

    This is not only a great product for guys/gals wanting to help identify multiple ammo cans of ammo, but the company/customer service as well is top notch. while ordering mutiple calibers, I accidentally order one too many decals for 12 gauge and they had already shipped the package when I contacted them about it. They offered to cut the price in half and told me to just keep the extra decals. I found this to be reasonable and I found use of the extra decals. I wish I would of purchased these first, but I wasted money on the magnet ones and quickly realized that they fall off way too easy. If you want something that identifies what ammo is in what ammo can and you don’t want to worry about that identification falling off when the wind blows then these are the answer.Bottom line! BUY THESE!!! You won’t be disappointed. Avoid the green/black magnet ones you see on amazon, they look good but fall off WAY TOO EASY, trust me.

  5. Greg

    Used this is an auto decal on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and it looks great.

  6. I. Nunez

    These look great on ammo cans. Easy to apply as long as you peel backing slowly. Makes ammo cans look sharp and easy to identify. I keep my ammo cans at home (don’t take them to the range) so mine have not been banged around a lot for me to comment on durability. For the small price though you can’t go wrong with these.

  7. Salvatore Donofrio


  8. GSD-DAD

    Applies easily and as advertised.

  9. JACOB G.

    labels look good, but does not stick to all of my ammo cans, but its does stick to some.

  10. catherine m o’sullivan

    Very happy

  11. Anonymous

    Love it. Works great.

  12. John Quarles


  13. Anonymous

    stickers seem old and do not stick

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