FGD .380 ACP Ammo Can Decal Sticker Label Set

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FGD Ammo Can Decals apply directly to your ammo cans and help keep you organized. No more opening different cans to get to the right ammo because the white vinyl decals are easy to see and they clearly mark the can with the correct caliber. Our FGD decals are oil and solvent resistant so they will stay in place once applied. (Ammo cans are not included)

  • Each order includes illustrated instructions & 3 labels (2 sides and 1 top)

  • Size Two 6.54″x 1.5″ one 3.27″x 0.75″

  • Uses include labeling reloading equipment and ammo cans

  • Included in the package will be the FGD brand decals and instructions

  • Universal fitment

  • AMMO can is not included

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5 reviews for FGD .380 ACP Ammo Can Decal Sticker Label Set

  1. weaselb1

    The decals did not stick very well to my plastic ammo cans! They did work on my metal cans. Not good!

  2. Navybat

    These decals are decent in that they are large and easy to read and they go on easily–although you need to take care so you don’t rip them. My beef (and it’s a big one) is the EXHORBITANT price! For one set of three decals, I paid almost $10.00 including shipping! Ridiculous, and the shipping alone was outrageously high. Never again.

  3. PAUL

    Quick idetntifications in so many different boxes.

  4. JACOB G.

    great product, easy to install, just be careful installing, directions are a little confusing, but I got it on, does not stick to all plastic ammo cans, if not smooth.

  5. fjrtsb

    Great product, excellent service.

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