FGD .22 LR Ammo Can Decal Sticker Label Set

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AMMUNITION BOX IS NOT INCLUDED. Please note that these decals work best when used on metal ammo cans, however will work with lightly textured plastic cans as well. All FGD Brand decals are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Your order will contain:

  • Three FGD Brand decals as shown (two 4″ x 1.5″ decals and one 2.5″ x 0.75″ decal)
  • One page of full colored instructions with illustrations to aid in applying your decals

What makes FGD Brand decals worth buying?

  • All FGD Brand decals are made with high quality vinyl
  • Vinyl has a five year outdoor rating
  • Resistant to oils and solvents
  • Heavy duty 3.2 millimeter thickness

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24 reviews for FGD .22 LR Ammo Can Decal Sticker Label Set

  1. Anonymous

    what can’t I say about it, nice easy to stick on sides of ammo boxes so you don’t grab the wrong stuff going to the range

  2. Chris

    These stickers are exactly what I needed to label the different ammo boxes that I use. The stickers were shipped quickly, well packaged, and a great set of instructions. They are a breeze to install. The white labels really stand out on the traditional ammo boxes, and I know which box to grab at a glance. I will definitely order more for my other ammunition calibers.

  3. Bill Rowley

    I put these decals on ammo cans to help make identifying them simple. They work great. Recommend you watch the video as mentioned in the instructions.

  4. Jonathan W

    Nothing more to say other than I got what I ordered and they stay in place on my plastic ammo boxes

  5. GlueRu

    These are nice looking decals on my ammo box.

  6. Toni Frank

    as advertised

  7. Scott A. Johnson

    These decals are perfect. They are easy to read and apply.

  8. Sgt G

    This realy simplifies things when you have multiple Ammo cans. No more opening the can to see what is in side, just check the top or side and you know what is in your hand.

  9. Sickpup94

    These arrived quickly and came with clear instructions for applying. You can choose to apply them using a wet or dry method. Using the dry method, I applied the .22 LR decals to a 30 caliber MTM ammo can. Applying all 3 decals took less than 5 minutes.The quality seems very good and they feel like they will last for years to come. I’d recommend these decals to others.

  10. Keith Thrasher

    Just as advertised, good price

  11. julie norris

    Found a couple at tradeday, hit em with a coat of flat black then a couple coats of the black truck bed liner spray,,, turned out awesome,, found the vinyl decals on Amazon,, just had to put them in the sun for a bit cause the texture of the boxes aren’t smooth, but they set up nicely,, got one for each type of ammo and one for cleaning supplies,, very good investment,, a must try

  12. JEG-III

    The decals look great. Should last a long time.

  13. Schwingen

    A simple decal! Made my ammo in their cases easier to find!

  14. omer

    loved it and have a good seal


    Pricey, but they are not a decal but custom cut. Looks way better than a decal and worth the money provided that is the appearance you are looking for.

  16. JACOB G.

    labels look good, but does not stick to all of my ammo cans, but its does stick to some.

  17. Peter Green

    Perfect for the job

  18. Kurt Morgan


  19. Anonymous

    This is a great product. Can initially be tricky to apply but, once you do it looks great. I contacted the seller asking for a specific decal they didn’t have and they were happy to make a Birdshot decal at my request.

  20. John Quarles


  21. Brad

    Such a high quality cut sticker… I have them on all my ammo cans!

  22. fjrtsb

    Great product, excellent service.

  23. John M Hunnicutt II

    Awesome Product!!!

  24. Papa Bear Joe

    I like these a lot, they look sharp. I think they look much nicer than the other decals / stickers on the market. However, I wish I could get these without paying shipping, which costs as much as the product.

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